With extensive experience in community development, education and the arts, UP&UP bring an informed and compassionate approach to their work. The priority to is to help you and your community connect, explore and grow.

Shane Kennedy

An award-winning Youth Worker, Shane has been a leader in the creative community for many years. He has been designing and facilitating Graffiti Art Programs and Hip Hop music workshops with young people for over 18 years, inspiring young people to recognise their own unique capabilities and strengths. He uses a celebration of Hip Hop culture – graffiti, music, storytelling, passion and honesty – to promote self-expression, personal development and self-respect. Shane’s work was recognised when he was awarded Youth Sector Worker of the Year in Newcastle at the 2015 Regional Youth Services Award. He has also been nominated for NSW Youth Worker of the Year.

In addition to his excellence in youth work and community development, Shane is an accomplished artist. Before co-creating UP&UP in 2014, Shane was a well-established graffiti artist with over 20 years’ experience creating commercial, residential and public artworks in places such as Melbourne, New York, Germany and the Netherlands. As an artist, Hip Hop MC, community worker and wellness speaker, Shane’s energy and enthusiasm engage people of all ages and backgrounds.

Up & up inspirations, Newcastle nsw, graffiti artist, hip hop programs, mural artist, street art, Youth & community
Up & up inspirations, Newcastle nsw, graffiti artist, hip hop programs, mural artist, street art, Youth & community

Faith Curtis

As an educator, community development practitioner and street artist, Faith has a passion for diversity and inclusion. She divides her time between UP&UP and the University of Newcastle, where she teaches Development Studies to a wide range of students. Recently, Faith was awarded the University of Newcastle, Faculty of Science Excellence in Teaching Award 2020. Her work is grounded in research, allowing UP&UP to bring an evidence-based approach to their programs. Faith’s doctoral research, for example, examined assisting people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds in their transition to life in Australia. As a part of this research, Faith has engaged in extensive community development practices, including community engagement and asset-based community development. Drawing on her work with both UON and UP&UP, Faith views art as an important medium through which more socially inclusive and resilient communities can be realised.

As co-creator of UP&UP, Faith has experience in the grant application and funding proposal process and understands that most community organisations rely solely on grants and funding to implement social inclusion and/or creative programs. In addition to her work in creative community development, Faith often consults with organisations in the area of writing grant applications and proposals, as well as with the design and implementation of inclusive, fun, and effective programs.

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