UP&UP Graffiti and Street Art Workshops and Mural Programs create a fun, safe and inspiring space for people to express themselves, share ideas, and develop greater social connection. We work with young people, community groups, local government and the private sector, with our programs and workshops fully adaptable to suit your needs.

Engaging people through the arts benefits both individuals and communities. Art projects can foster improvements in health and wellbeing, reduce anti-social behaviour, and encourage better social relationships. They can also improve young people’s self-awareness and emotional literacy through an exploration of emotions and ideas, supporting healthy development and personal growth.


In UP&UP Graffiti and Street Art Workshops, participants gain hands-on experience in street art techniques while learning about graffiti and street art history and culture. Described by participants as an inspiring and down-to-earth session, our workshop seeks to make everyone feel seen, heard and respected while engaging them in fun creative activities. Our participants learn a variety of street art techniques, including spray painting and stencilling, and produce their own artwork to take home. They also come together as a group to produce a collaborative artwork that can be gifted to the participating school or organisation.

During the workshop, our experienced facilitators guide participants through creative self-expression. When working with students and young people we encourage them to think about things that are important to them and to express these things through their art. We also discuss the difference between legal and illegal graffiti and the various career pathways that are available in the arts sector.

Murals Programs

UP&UP Street Art Mural Programs produce amazing artworks through collaboration with young people, community groups, local government and other organisations. A mural is a positive accomplishment for participants, and offers a chance to learn new skills, engage in teamwork, and receive recognition from peers and the broader community. Our program facilitators place a strong emphasis on inclusion, and model values of respect, responsibility, and creative self-expression.

Participants in this program benefit through:

  • Developing stronger connections to their peers, community and other stakeholders
  • Improving communication, teamwork and leadership skills
  • Building confidence by sharing ideas and responding to others
  • Learning creative skills in a fun, safe environment
  • Discovering how to develop a creative idea and work to bring it to life.

The mural program is suitable for all ages and abilities. The mural theme or design will be discussed with the organisation and could involve positive messaging or a theme specific to the participants, school or community. UP&UP Mural Programs empower participants to explore the creative process, build confidence and collaborate as a team.

Individual Mentoring Sessions

Individual art sessions provide a unique opportunity for one-to-one mentoring. Run by Shane, they are recommended for those who want to improve their graffiti skills, those looking for a fun way to boost confidence, or for young people who are experiencing a difficult time and could benefit from a relaxed and creative mentoring session.

Research shows that mentoring can have a powerful effect on a young person’s attitudes and social relationships. As an experienced youth worker, Shane is skilled in connecting with young people and helping them to feel heard and understood.

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