Here at UP&UP we are passionate about community engagement! We work alongside individuals, organisations and communities to create public art and events that promote a sense of belonging, pride and teamwork. We believe in the power of collaborative placemaking to help people feel connected and valued, and to celebrate spaces that are cherished by local groups and communities.

UP&UP can assist you to organise a community, youth or team-building event, or we can join you in an event you have already planned. We have extensive experience in working with event stakeholders and can guide you in the best way to engage with people and organisations in your community to ensure a successful event.

We can also undertake community engagement on behalf of your organisation, run workshops with interest groups, and even do live painting at your event – always a crowd pleaser!

Creative Placemaking

Placemaking is a way for communities to revitalise and celebrate places they love, and murals are a fantastic way to make place! Murals bring life, meaning and character to public and shared spaces. They can capture community identity and help to preserve local history. Bringing people together to revitalise their local place also helps to foster stronger social ties and a sense of pride and belonging. 

Placemaking is inclusive and accessible – everyone can find ways to contribute. At UP&UP, we work with your community or organisation from start to finish on planning, designing, and installing a mural – and join you for a fun unveiling event to reveal the finished product!

We can help you bring vibrant colour and social connection to a wide range of places, including community gardens, community halls, sporting facilities, churches – anywhere your community would like to spread a little joy.

Youth Events

Snak N Rap events are youth and family friendly events held in public youth spaces such as skate parks. The events are fun and interactive, with food, music and art activities for everyone to enjoy.

Snak N Rap aims to bring the local community together to encourage intergenerational conversations and introduce young people to great services and people in their area, such as youth groups, local council members, and other young people in the community.

At Snak N Rap we focus on having conversations with young people about things that are important to them. We talk about the importance of having safe spaces to hang out, but also discuss the responsibility that young people have for keeping these spaces clean, safe and inclusive. Snak N Rap activities cater to all ages and abilities, with an emphasis placed on fun, respect and conversation.

Team Building

UP&UP are experienced facilitators for corporate and organisational events. Our emphasis on collaboration supports team building and authentic connection, while our creative projects are a fun way to lower stress and learn new skills outside the office. Participants work together to bring their creative project to life in a safe, inclusive and engaging environment. UP&UP can tailor a program or event to meet your organisation’s requirements and will provide all necessary safety equipment.

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