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  • "Our 10 year old son had a fantastic time at UP&UP. Shane and Faith really know how to tap into a kid's artistic side. Our son can't wait for another workshop."

    Melissa & Neil

  • “Loved the work these guys did - I would highly recommend them. As well as very talented they are beautiful people.”

    Mandy Corby

  • “Just wanted to let you know that it’s been really fun working with you guys during the Love Bites program (Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault prevention program for year 10 students). Very reliable and on time which makes my job just that bit easier when trying to co-ordinate programs. Shane you definitely know how to engage young people respectfully and non-judgementally (certainly make the room a safe place for young people to get involved) yet with a ton of energy to go around. Thanks so much guys for spending time with the young people to develop the tracks for Love Bites - I have no idea when it comes to song writing and recording so really rely on you guys for support. I really appreciate your help with getting the word out there that Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault is not ok.”

    Natasha Anderson

    CNS / Project Officer | Youth Mental Health Project
  • “I truly can't thank you enough for your wonderful efforts with our mural. It looks FANTASTIC. The children had the most wonderful day. Our students thrive on this kind of involvement and interaction. They will hold the experience close to their hearts for a lifetime. It was lovely to have Faith, yourself and Brad deliver such a great program. You are all extremely skilled and talented.”

    Robyn Callinan

    Principal - Weston Public School