Faith Curtis


Faith, co-creator of UP&UP, is an experienced community development practitioner with a driving passion for creative and socially inclusive communities.

Faith has completed a Bachelor of Development Studies with first class honours through the University of Newcastle, and is currently a PhD candidate nearing completion. Faith’s undergraduate and doctoral research has focussed on how best to assist people from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds in their transition to life in Australia. As a part of this research, Faith has engaged in extensive community development practices, including community engagement and asset based community development.

Faith’s passion for creativity has been expressed in the past decade through the creation of community and commercial street art murals/projects. Drawing on her experience and research findings, Faith views public street art as an important medium through which more socially inclusive and diverse communities can be realised. Informed and guided by her research findings, Faith has a renewed passion to assist young women to find creative expression and self-expression through street art, and in so doing, forge greater connections and engagement within their communities.

As co-creator of UP&UP, Faith has experience in the grant application and funding proposal process and understands that most community organisations rely solely on grants and funding to implement social inclusion and/or creative programs. Faith is able work as a consultant with community organisations in the area of writing grant applications and proposals, as well as with the development and implementation of programs and activities that lead to creative and inclusive communities.

Volunteer Information

  • PhD Human Geography
  • Community Engagement, Researcher, Lecturer
  • Art, Reading & Travel