Placemaking & Community Engagement

We are passionate about community engagement & placemaking.

We have extensive experience with various placemaking projects - working alongside individuals and communities, recognising and utilising local community assets, inspiration, creativity and potential, in order to create public spaces & events that promote happiness, health and well-being.

Tighes Hill 40 & Fabulous Mural Project

We collaborated with the Tighes Hill Community Group on the Tighes Hill 40 & Fabulous Project. The project activated the space, was able to beautify the suburb and make it safer with ‘traffic calming ideas’. Around 65 locals came along to watch us paint the mural & we assisted people in using stencils to make their own ‘I love Tighes Hill’ t-shirt designs and ‘Tighes Hill 40 & Fabulous’ signs. The mural was made possible through Newcastle City Council's Make Your Place community grant.

Hamilton South Letterbox Project

Hamilton South Letterbox project was a collaboration with Samaritans and the community of Hamilton South. The project involved consulting with the community about the designs that they would like to see on their letterboxes. The murals were completed over three days with the assistance from the community, we had food, music and lots of fun. The letterboxes are a meeting place for the local community, the murals have brightened the space and made it a more attractive place for people to meet. The project was made possible through Newcastle City Council’s Make Your Place community grant.

Beresfield Train Station

Beresfield Connect was a successful placemaking project which transformed the stairs at Beresfield Train Station. The project involved a variety of young people from local schools in the creative process, and was supported by Street Art Walking and a Newcastle City Council Make Your Place Community Grant.

Bahloo Reserve

A youth driven arts mural project at Bahloo Reserve. A collaboration with Eastlake Youth Centre and Lake Macquarie Council, we worked with a group eight young people on a mural of Ginger Meggs playing cricket and other activities. The mural combats vandalism & promotes the park as a safe, fun and welcoming place while helping to build Windale’s identity.

Snak n Rap

Snak n Rap is a community engagement event which is held on a monthly basis in various locations across Port Stephens. It involves members of the local community coming together and building relationships through music, art, conversations and food. Snak n Rap is about made possible through the partnerships of various community stakeholders such as Tomaree Youth Community Action and UP&UP.